Sicily (in particular Valle dell’Alcantara, Ragusano, Sambuca di Sicilia - Bosco della Risinata)


2013 - on going


- Soprintendenze per i Beni culturali e ambientali di Agrigento, Catania, Messina, Ragusa

- Class Editori (Dr P. Panerai)

- Prof. A. Scienza (viticulture research)


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In the first phases of the project, a bibliographic study of the Sicilian rock-cut units was carried out to develop an intervention model, which could be extended to other areas. Afterwards, several surveys were carried out in various areas, such as the territory around Ragusa, the Alcantara Valley and the area called Bosco della Risinata, near Sambuca di Sicilia in the territory around Agrigento.

The results of the research (related to topography, structure, chronology and use of the rock-cut units in the areas investigated in Sicily) are the object of papers (see the relevant page) and of the documentary “Fare il vino nell’Italia antica: i palmenti rupestri in Sicilia” (by G. Olcese, A. Razza and D. M. Surace), produced by Class Editori and presented at EXPO 2015.

Furthermore, as part of the AIAC 2018 conference in Bonn, a session called "Making Wine in Ancient Italy" session was also organized on the theme (by G. Olcese and J.-P. Brun).



Rock-cut unit in Contrada Petrulli, Ragusa (RG) (Olcese, Razza, Surace, "Vigne, palmenti e produzione vitivinicola", 2017).


Rock-cut unit in Gallodoro (ME) (Olcese, Razza, Surace, "Vigne, palmenti e produzione vitivinicola", 2017).