(48 hours, 6 ECTS, second semester) - A.Y. 2020/2021

Prof.ssa Gloria Olcese (

Università degli Studi di Milano

Degree program:
Cultural heritage conservation science (Class LM-11)-Enrolled from 2015/16 academic year

Learning objectives: to understand, as much as possible with the practical components, the activities of archaeological research in the field and in the laboratory, with particular attention to modern research methods related to excavation, archaeological survey and the study of ancient production through analysis of finds. The goal is to offer investigative and interpretive tools that are applicable in diverse contexts of time and location.
The study of some shipwreck cargoes at some Museums in Liguria and at the Instituto Internazionale degli Studi Liguri (if the public health situation allows) will introduce students to underwater archaeology.

Expected learning outcomes: to allow the student to encounter the study of archaeological contexts and classify their finds using archaeological and archaeometric methods.
To draw attention to the scientific aspects of archaeological research and to acclimate the student to the use of tools for documenting archaeological data, and to the review and analysis of these data.
To compose a final thesis on topics covered in this course, which will facilitate the process of analysing and displaying scientific research data.

Program: the program is shared with another course.