Teano (Caserta)


2010 - 2013


Soprintendenza Archeologia, Belle Arti e Paesaggio per le province di Caserta e Benevento


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The research study was centred on the so-called “Teano-ware”, a type of Campanian black-glazed pottery of the Hellenistic times, characterised by a peculiar decorative technique, whose production site is traditionally placed in the city of Teanum Sidicinum, on the grounds of archaeological and epigraphic evidence. Owing to the lack of handicraft structures and/or wasters, it is extremely difficult to come to a better and more detailed characterisation of this production.

However, new data collected through this comprehensive study, including from a largely unpublished excavation context – the suburban sanctuary of Loreto in Teanum – strengthen the hypothesis of a local production of black-glazed pottery and lead to a significantly more articulated definition of the “Teano-ware”.



Plan of the sanctuary of Teano in the locality of Loreto (Johannowsky, "Relazione preliminare sugli scavi di Teano", 1963, p. 132).


Bowl in black gloss from Teano. Example of the typical mixed technique decoration (photo by I. Manzini; Manzini in Olcese (ed.), "Immensa Aequora Workshop", 2013, p. 201).