Ostia and Ager Portuensis (Rome)


2004 - 2011


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Archaeological and archaeometric studies have been carried out on ceramic materials from several Republican sites dated to a period between the end of the 4th and the 1st centuries B.C.: Malafede, Casal Bernocchi, Acilia, Monti San Paolo and some other contexts in the Ager Portuensis. Because of the presence of salt marshes and its strategic position at the mouth of the River Tiber, this region has played an important role in Rome’s history.

Thanks to the study that has been carried out within several seminars, it has been possible, for the first time, to undertake research aimed at expanding on a few themes related to the economy and pottery production in the Ostian territory in the Republican age. An other goal was the characterization of the ceramics thanks to chemical and mineralogical analyses.


The data collected during the research have been presented in some publications and are included in a DATABASE / GIS of the contexts and findings of Ostia and Ager Portuensis (see the relevant pages).



Pottery from Ostia Antica.


Map of the Republican sites in the territory of Ostia and Ager Portuensis that have been examined during the project (elaboration by E. Gironi, from Olcese, Coletti, "Ceramics from republican contexts of the territory of Ostia", 2016, p. 19).


Cover of the book Olcese, Coletti, "Ceramics from republican contexts of the territory of Ostia", 2016.


Poster of the seminar on the ceramic materials from Ostia Antica (Binario Morto).