Ischia (Naples)


2013 - on going


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Numerous rock-cut units are located in the Bosco della Falanga, on the Monte Epomeo in the central area of the island. They can be circular or quadrangular, in some cases are partially covered and connected.

Other samples are located on Monte Corvo, above Forio, in an area still rich in vines on the West coast, characterized both by traditional schemes and more complex structures.

All these structures, that in some cases are similar to ancient samples from other areas of the Mediterranean, represent the rural architecture of Ischia.

New surveys are planned, as well as new research with the aim of studying the grape varieties and the grape seeds in relation to archaeological contexts.



Rock-cut unit in the Bosco della Falanga (photo by A. D’Ambra; Olcese, "Le anfore greco italiche di Ischia: archeologia e archeometria", 2010, p. 21).


One of the rock-cut units in Monte Corvo, above Forio (Olcese, "Pithecusan Workshops", 2017, p. 29).


Another rock-cut unit in Monte Corvo, above Forio (Olcese, "Pithecusan Workshops", 2017, p. 29).