The territory of Ostia and Ager Portuensis is the subject of various activities of the Immensa Aequora project, aiming to combine research and teaching, in a prominent archaeological area, through seminars and archaeological excavations carried out within the activities of the Chair of Archaeologic Research Methodology (Prof. G. Olcese) at Sapienza - Università di Roma.

The research has been possible thanks to various agreements with Soprintendenza Speciale Archeologia, Belle Arti e Paesaggio di Roma (sede di Ostia) and, especially, to the courtesy of A. Gallina Zevi (formerly Superintendent), C. Morelli (Inspector responsible for the Ager Portuensis), P. Germoni (Inspector responsible for the warehouses of Ostia), A. Pellegrino (Inspector responsible for the area of ​​Ostia) and A. De Laurenzi (official responsible for the excavation of the villa 'A' of Dragoncello).

The main investigations carried out in Ostia and in the Ager Portuensis concern three areas: the study of the ceramic contexts in the Republican Age; the excavation of the villa 'A' of Dragoncello (Acilia), with the scientific collaboration on field of A. Pellegrino and X. Gonzàlez Muro, and of M. Di Filippo for the geophysical prospecting, and for which laser scans were performed thanks to the support of the École française de Rome; the research conducted on ceramics from the context of 'Binario Morto'.



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Map of Ostia and Ager Portuensis​ (Olcese, Thierrin-Michael, "Graeco-Italic amphorae in the region of Ostia: archaeology and archaeometry", 2009, p. 1).