Santa Severa - Pyrgi (Rome)


October 2012


- Soprintendenza Archeologia, Belle Arti e Paesaggio per l'area metropolitana di Roma, la provincia di Viterbo e l'Etruria meridionale

- Museo del Mare e della Navigazione Antica di Santa Severa (director Dr. F. Enei)

- Prof. M. Di Filippo (geophysical prospecting)


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The survey, carried out within the activities of the Chair of Archaeologic Research Methodology (Prof. G. Olcese) at Sapienza - Università di Roma, concerned the hinterland of Pyrgi, Etruscan center and then Roman colony placed in the area of Pian Sultano near Santa Severa.

The aim of the research was to verify the presence of productive structures in the area, also with a geophysical prospecting.

The area considered in the survey concerns an agricultural field adjacent to a wood, along the left side of the Fosso Eri valley and part of the Ager Caeretanus, where the first archaeological traces refer to the prehistoric age and preliminary research has been performed by Dr. Flavio Enei.

The ceramic fragments found during the activities, currently conserved in the Museo del Mare e della Navigazione di Santa Severa, belong to amphorae probably of local production, among which are some Graeco-Italic ones (type van der Mersch VI).



Finds recovered during the survey.


A moment of the survey.