OSTIA – Ceramics and economy in Ostia and in the Ager Portuensis

Recent researches carried out by the Archaeological Superintendence of Ostia (C. Morelli, A. Gallina Zevi) allowed to highlight, in the territory run through by via Campana and via Portuensis, commercial and productive structures connected with the storage and sorting of salt, with different chronological phases, spanning the Middle Republican period, the Imperial Age and, in some cases, also the Late Antique period.
A project, aimed at ascertaining the situation of the presence of different ceramic classes in the Republican period sites, is under way to define better the economic situation of the area between the 4th and the 1st century BC (G. Olcese- Ceramiche ed economia a Ostia e nell’Ager Portuensis: IV- I secolo a.C.)

The research area with the location of the sites.


C. Morelli, G. Olcese, F. Zevi, Scoperte recenti nelle saline portuensi (Campus salinarum romanarum) e un progetto di ricerca sulla ceramica di area ostiense in età repubblicana, in Méditerranée occidentale antique: les échanges, III seminario Musée d’Histoire Marseille, A. Gallina Zevi e R. Turchetti (Eds), Soveria Mannelli 2004

F. Zevi, Appunti per una storia di Ostia in età repubblicana, in MEFRA 114, 2002, pp.13-58

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